Thursday, January 16, 2014

Couture Creations CHA Reveal 2014 - Part 4

Glamour Days Decorative Dies

 CO723706 Antique Clock
CO723707 Peacock Delight

CO723708 Birdcage

CO723709 Flamingo

CO723710 Heritage

CO723711 Classical

CO723712 Wedding Rose

CO723713 Lasting Love

CO723714 Dress Form

CO723715 Sewing Machine

CO723716 Sewing Kit

CO723717 New York Street Light

CO723718 English Tea Light

CO723719 1950's Albert and Simonetta

CO723720 Devonshire Lady and Gentleman

CO723721 Project Tag

The Van Roe Decorative Die Collection

CO723722 Beautiful Butterfly

CO723723 Royal Oval

CO723724 Elegant Square

CO723725 Ornate Rectangle

CO723726 Dragon Fly Set

CO723727 Lucky Tree

CO723728 Photo Strip

CO723729 Sign Post

CO723730 Boys Fishing

CO723731 Sail Away

CO723732 Gone Fishing

CO723733 Journey

CO723734 Explore

CO723735 Discover

CO723736 Celebrate

CO723737 Ballet Tutu
Project Sneak Peeks!

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