Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Centerpiece and Bon Bons by Kerrie Gurney

Hi everyone! Kerrie Gurney here today sharing some Christmas decor pieces. This Christmas I am repeating my theme of Red, Cream/White and Kraft that I used last year and loved so much. I have used the Couture Creations Magical Christmas Eve Decorative Die for both of these very easy projects.

Bon Bons
When I saw these Bon Bons in the store I knew they would be perfect for our Christmas theme but they were a bit boring and needed a something added to them to give them more of a Christmas feel. I wanted something that didn't take a lot of effort as these would be tossed in the bin after they had been pulled open on Christmas Day. My solution was to add some die-cut poinsettia flowers to these store bought bons bons taking them from drab...


 to fab...


With not much effort, you could add more embellishments if you like, but as they will just be thrown out, I thought this was enough.


To create the poinsettia flowers, use red cardstock, run the dies through a die cutting machine and while the cardstock is still in the die, run it through the machine again using the Couture Creations Latex Embossing Mat to give the flower petals embossed detail.

Pinch the petals to give them more character.

As these bon bons will be thrown out once pulled apart, I only used one each of the large and small petal die-cuts, die-cutting the middle piece from gold cardstock and adding some Red Glitzin' Glamour Glitter Glue to add some sparkle.

Table Centerpiece

Start with a store bought pine table centerpiece.


Hot glue some glitter baubles and poinsettias created from old book paper. Create the poinsettia flowers the same way as the red poinsettias, but to save time, die-cut 4 pieces of book paper at a time. (Book paper is quite thin so you can cut 4 sheets at a time.) To create a fuller poinsettia flower, use two large and one small die-cut petals for each flower, die-cut the center from gold glitter cardstock.


To embellish the candle, add some pleated hessian, tie some jute string around the middle of the hessian and add a poinsettia flower created using old book paper and gold glitter cardstock for the center and the leaves. TIP: Use a battery operated candle so there is no chance of your embellishment catching fire.

Thanks for visiting and I hope I have inspired you to create some decor for your Christmas table!

Couture Creations Supplies:
CO723562 Magical Christmas Eve Decorative Die
CO721979 Red Glitzin' Glamour Glitter Glue
CO723514 Latex Embossing Mat

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