Friday, December 27, 2013

Anniversary Shoe by Tracey Cooley

Hi! Tracey Cooley here today. My cousin has been married for 25 years and she has a small shoe problem...problem being which of her 150 pairs of shoes should she wear! A while ago I created an altered shoe inspired by our very own Sue Smyth and my cousin admired it greatly, so for her anniversary I decided to create her a show in her favorite color.

Most of the flowers I have embellished this shoe with are made using the Couture Creations Victorian Square Nesting Dies, a great set of dies to make easy flowers with!

Cut 3 of each of the smallest 3 Victorian Square Nesting Dies, with 1 of each size being a different color or shade form the others. Cut 3 quarters of the way into the die-cut at each point and layer onto a brad making every third layer the alternate color. Spritz with a bit of water to loosen the paper fibers and scrunch together one layer at a time. Then, unravel your scrunched layers to form your flower. This is a great way to make your flower look a little different from the everyday.

The black flowers in the shoe are created the same way, but when finished, have been spritzed with spray adhesive and sprinkled with pink glitter.


Keep on Creating!

Couture Creations Supplies:
CO723225 Fantasia Collection - Dazzling Doily Die
CO723048 Victorian Square Nesting Dies
CO721994 Pink Diva Gemstones
CO721996 Crystal Gemstones
CO723505 Sophia Collection - Marant Die

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